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Calculate the severance you must receive as an Ontario or BC employee. It's more than one week per year of employment!

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Ontario Salary illustrations. The Ontario Income Tax Salary Calculator is updated 2019/20 tax year. Income Tax calculations and RRSP factoring for 2019/20 with historical pay figures on average earnings in Canada for each market sector and location.

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Usage of the Payroll Calculator. Select the year: you can use the calculator to compare your salaries between 2017, 2018 and 2019. Select the province: the calculator is updated with the tax rates of all Canadian provinces and territories. Enter your pay rate: the amount can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even annual earnings.

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Electricity prices in Ontario have soared in the past decade. is that rates likely will not be coming down any time soon. Use our calculator to find out how much you’d pay for your monthly.

Once you finish entering employee information, the payroll deductions calculator generates a salary calculation result that shows the gross wages, federal and provincial deductions, CPP and EI contributions, and the employee’s actual net pay.

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